Art Projects for Children’s Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media Work   


We have been teaching children in New York and New Jersey for over 15 years and teach over 200 children per year in 10 different locations.  Our unique curriculum is derived from the Japanese artistic tradition and comprised of hundreds of unique art projects we have developed and refined over time.


We also provide art lessons to school teachers and adults, helping them to broaden their instruction methods and repertoire.

Autumn Trees by 4years old Child

The Three Philosophies for All Children

                                     Frozen Castle, the project by 3-4 years old children

  1. Instill children with confidence and joy at first.
  2. Teach fun and useful techniques using simple tools.
  3. Children’s sound vision can be enhanced by creative and unique instruction

Grapes and Apples, a project for children 4-5 years old