Our Instructor brings exciting art project to your school.  Our experience to provide workshops and regular art classes in the New York City for more than 20 years.

Regular Weekly Art Classes

 2005-2020 River School ( West End School in Manhattan, Newport School, Exchange School in NJ) City & Country School Auxiliary Program ( West Village in Manhattan )

2005-2019 City Treehouse ( Chelsea in Manhattan)

2003-2014 Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services in New York

( Virginia Day Nursery, Cooper Park Child Care, Williamsburg ECD, Marcy Children’s Center,)

2003-2020Dawning Village Day Care Center & community Educational Services( Harlem in Manhattan), Est Harlem Block Nuseries

 2003- 2000 Workshop of the Flying Circus Project at The International YMCA, Watercolor Class at Japanese Children Society, NJ

1985-1996, Children Art Class, Junior Art Club in Tokyo Japan 

Instruction Fee ( 2020-2023 ), including all art materials for workshop and class   


regular art classes at school ( weekly or monthly )

one class in one visit :  $150 - $200

two classes in one visit : $250 - $300

maximum 20 students in one class, 30-45 minutes instruction 

Our instruction fees have a fexibility to adapt to your budget depending on the type of art material, the age of the child and their skill abilities. 


private class from 1 to 5 students 

class for visiting :$210-$250 ( 1hour instruction, maximum 5 children )

class at the Round Art Project Studio in Brooklyn: $120 ( per child, about 1 hour instruction),


 adult or Staff development class-$350-$400

( maximum 15 students in one class, 120 minutes instruction )  


We have online art workshops and classes from the middle of July 2020

Viewing free art&craft project video sample on Facebook. 


Our instruction fees could adopt to your budget depending on the type of art material, the age of the child and their skill abilities. The avarage fee will be $25 for video project and $60 for online project. Please feel free to contact us for any question. ohashiround@gmail.com

Round Table Studio  is on the corner of Hart St. and Wyckoff Ave. in Brooklyn.

It’s 2 minutes walk from Dekalb Ave. L train

after school program class
after school program class